Autumn Adventures is here! Let us divulge some of the nitty gritty of our vision for this tour.

What kind of traveler should go on this tour?

If you’re the type of person who thrives on experiences, getting your hands dirty, and living in the unpredictability of the moment, this is the perfect tour for you! We have an itinerary packed full of activities that will have you doing everything from crafting to banging on drums to hiking the mountains. Of course, you will have your quiet and calm moments too – walks through gentle green bamboo forests and beautiful coasts and cityscapes. This is the tour for people who want to get a wide range of experiences but at the same time get a deeper understanding of everything that you see and experience. It’s for the busy body who appreciates a relaxing vacation, but equally appreciates taking the challenge of reaching new heights and living on their own frontier. This is a Go Big or Go Home tour =)

Why doesn’t this tour go to Tokyo?

We believe that every city and every village in Japan provides its own unique experiences and sights to explore. This tour concentrates around the culture, tradition and landscapes of the Kansai region, with every stretch of extensive history that it has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, we do love Tokyo and there is tons to do there, but given the concentration of activities in the Kansai region of this tour, we believe that the tour will function optimally by focusing on getting the most out of the local area. Not only that, but in this region, we get to enjoy the diversity of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe – three very different but equally awesome Japanese cities. Trust us, you will fall in love with Kansai!

Would you call this a “luxury” tour?

No. We may be staying in some nice spots, but if you’re expecting a white-glove, full-luxury experience, this isn’t your tour. This is a tour for people who want to have fun, enjoy awesome views, and get their hands dirty with all the cool new things that they’re going to be trying – not people that want to ride in a taxi and be waited on by a private guide.

How much walking are we really going to be doing?

Honestly? A lot. We want you to be prepared! A lot of what we will be experienced can really only be experienced on foot. That being said, we’ll be keeping the transit from place to place at a minimum so that we can really take our time at each place and enjoy our travels at a “smell-the-flowers” pace. Most evenings are free so that those who want to can get a decent night’s rest before the next day. For our day of hiking, please prepare the proper hiking footwear, preferably water resistant with good traction.

This sounds intense. Is this really for me?

YES! Chances are that you were drawn to this tour because it offers something different. Perhaps because it’s not just about buying souvenirs, not about taking a bunch of pictures, not about chillin’ at the beach for a week (even though there’s nothing wrong with that!). Perhaps you’ve been yearning for adventure, for a connection with another culture, or for a true change of pace. With the help and support of your guide and the spirit of your fellow travelers, you’re on the path to one of the most vibrant journeys you’ve ever taken.

What should I do to prepare for this tour?

We recommend coming into this tour with an open mind and open heart! We’re so excited for what we have to show you and what you will experience, so leave the planning to us and just prepare minds and bodies for an amazing week and a half of unforgettable experiences. To make sure that you have the stamina for a walking tour, do make sure to eat healthily and to do some light exercise regularly leading up to the tour. We’ll be sending you our Tour Tutorials as it gets closer to departure so that you’ll be fully prepared for your trip.