Hakodate is a tourist destination with 5 million visitors annually. Hakodate opened its port in 1859. From there, Western Influence was introduced in the area, hence, is why many culturally fascinating, modern and retro structures still remain.
Goryokaku Tower is 107 meters high and from the top, you can observe the massive Goryokaku park. Surrounding the moat of the tower are 1600 cherry blossom trees, making it the most sought out destination in Hokkaido during peak season. When in Hakodate, the night view from Mt. Hakodate is a MUST via a 3 minute cable car ride, even ranked in the top 3 of the world’s best night view spots. Be sure to venture onto Hakodate Morning Market, a real treat. A popular spot in Fire & Ice, our friends wanted MORE time there. Everything is so fresh, from fruit to seafood, and the vendors are so friendly and welcoming. Definitely a different vibe from Tsukiji, where the focus is less towards the public.
Hakodate Bay area has many red brick buildings, which wonderful shops and restaurants are.
When in Hakodate, be sure to have some Snaffles, a local sweets company that makes amazing cheesecakes that are only available in the Hokkaido area and one shop each in Tokyo and Singapore. Made only from the finest eggs, milk, and original creme cheese, it is a cheesecake experience like no other.