Namba, AKA “Minami”(South)  Symbolic of Namba is Dotombori, and the iconic Glico Running Man and Kani Doraku. Glico man is the largest neon sign in Western Japan.  The Glico man has both arms up in the air (Glico Pose) and you’ll find tourists imitating the pose and taking a picture! One of the more unique Ferris wheels is located adjacent to Don Quijote shop. Yellow and super narrow, but the view from the top is higher than it appears! Don Quijote is the biggest discount chain in Japan, and conveniently open for you 24/7.
Namba Parks has an unlimited number of options of shops and eateries, but what stands out here is the garden on the rooftop, a nice escape from the city life.
Want to visit the Akihabara while in Kansai? Make the trek out to DenDen Town – although not as modernized as Akiba, it gives a feeling of nostalgia.
Next to Namba worthy of a mention is Shinsekai.
The famous 130m high Tsutenkaku Tower, representative landmark in Osaka,  is here, as well as numerous puffer fish and Kushikatsu (fried skewer) restaurants where the shop owners will yell at you if you double dip your skewers in the communal sauce.