Umeda, the Northern point in Osaka City, AKA “Kita,” which is “North.” A bustling entertainment, shopping, business district, and also regarded as the “Gateway to Kansai,” it continues to maintain it’s reputation as a world-class commercial district.  Having undergone expansive renovations and still continuing to do so, recently opened JR Osaka Station City and Grand Front offers endless options for restaurants and shops. The station itself has a huge glass ceiling above the trains.  Location is attractive since it is easily accessible to neighboring hot spots like Kobe and Kyoto. HEP FIVE is a major shopping and entertainment center geared for young people, and it houses the red ferris wheel on the rooftop, which is an Umeda landmark.  Inside HEP is also UMEDA JOYPOLIS, where you can enjoy various VR.  Venture onto the futuristic Umeda Sky Building, ranked in 2008 by The Times as one of the top 20 buildings in the world and you can experience an interesting tube escalator ride up to the observatory deck and gaze out to an unforgettable and romantic 360-degree view of Osaka City.  Just across the way is Yodobashi Camera, where you will find anything you could possibly want regarding cameras, and then some. The top floor houses amazing restaurants that make the shopping experience complete over food and drinks!
Desiring some elegant bar and dining experience? Venture onto Kitashinchi, for a more adult flair.