So this news is a bit old, but guys: Japan’s leader popped out of a warp pipe like Mario in Rio! [Time] You had one of three reactions to this: “OMG JAPAN’S PRIME MINISTER IS SO COOL!” (~90% of the press), “Oh cool, he gets to dress like Mario while the taxpayers pay even more!” (see this [Japan Today]), or “Man, it would have been so much cooler if Shigeru Miyamoto was still around to be Mario!” (okay, that was my reaction. I’m still sad about Miyamoto, guys.) Regardless, it was a cool entrance, so let’s give him credit for that. After holding up the giant red orb, witnesses say that Abe lept off the pipe to go find a Fire Flower so “Mario” can set fire to Article 9.

Speaking of fire: Japan’s Weather Association (yeah, that’s a thing!) did a survey of foreign residents of Japan, and they found that sixty percent (yes, SIXTY) said that the summer in Japan was hotter and harder to deal with than summer in their own country. We warn our summer tour guests about the humidity in Japan extensively; to give you an idea of what it’s like, here’s a quick comparison using the ASCII characters the Japanese Internet adores.

Winter in Tokyo is:

豆まき (=゚ω゚)ノ。゜・。・o

Here’s summer:


Glad we had this talk.

No matter how you are feeling, there’s one phenomenon that will continue long after Rio is over: the love of the fujoshi fanbase for SEXY SWORD MEN. That this game would get an anime adaptation has been inevitable ever since it started filling the shelves at doujinshi shops, and more cast for the anime were announced this week. Speaking of inevitable, these guys are the ones you’ll be paying a ton of yen to see in concert sometime in the near future (if you can nab tickets), so start researching their bios. ^_~

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go get tickets to see Digimon in the theater. Yes, this is a thing you can do in America – although I’m pretty sure the Fathom events people will mis-label the movie “Pokemon” in a few spots. For PacSet, I’m Evan Miller – have a solid week, friends!