Meet PacSet!

A whole new way to travel.

We believe that travel to Japan should be for everyone. We believe in traveling in groups of friends, where you have the freedom to explore but always have the support of a team of dedicated professionals.

We believe in picnics with locals under the cherry blossoms, traveling way off the beaten path, and exploring just for the fun of it. We don’t believe in a tour style where you are part of a uniform group locked onto a bus or following a flag.

We believe in being out with the locals experiencing the parts of their home that they love – and you’ll love too.

We launched mere months after 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, and our mission remains unchanged: to prove that Japan travel is for everyone, and that there’s a completely different way to do it.

Want to learn more about what we’re about? Drop us a line or check out our tour offerings.

The Team

PacSet is a small family business run by the amazing staff shown here. Otsukare-sama desu!

Christine Kitajima
Lover of all things Kansai, organizational mastermind, and full-time dog aficionado.

Valerie Hwang
Keeper of the school tours, fearless explorer, nightlife expert, and cat person.

Evan Miller
Master of the itineraries, lover of good food, and nerdy guy. Oh, and he runs this whole thing.

Kippu PacSet’s adorable official mascot. We’re not sure how he got the jetpack, but he looks cute flying around with it, so that’s cool.


A sampling of the nice, fantastic things our guests have said about us. We wouldn’t be PacSet without them!


PacSet is way more than our team. We have had a lot of help along the way, from tour guests, sponsors, friends, and family. There is really no way to express how thankful we are for their help, their time, and their constant support. <3

Anime Twin Cities
Anime News Network
The Right Stuf Int’l
Japan National Tourism Organization
USC Small Business Clinic
Stef Benham
Zac Bertschy
John Crayton
Bamboo Dong
Tina Grindol

Junko Kitagawa
Lanny Liu
Vivian Liu
Sandia Ma
Christopher MacDonald
Howard Miller
Emily Warren Rice
Catherine Wasson
Emily Wing
Rebecca Wu


PacSet Tours Inc. is:

Valerie Hwang
Christine Kitajima
Evan Miller

Created by:

Lanny Liu
Evan Miller

Emeritus Staff:

Megumi Kawase
Lanny Liu

Supporters/”The Family”:

Stefanie Benham
Heidi Christian
Miho Fukuoka
Gigi Guiting
Anita Tai
Rebecca Wu