FAQ for Sports Mania! 2018


Q: I am not an athlete. I prefer to observe sports rather than play it. Can I still have fun on this tour?

A: Definitely! While this tour does have a lot of activities where you can actually experience the art of Japanese sports, you can also be an observer. It isn’t mandatory for you to partake in all the activities if it doesn’t float your boat. Just let us know and we’ll give you alternative stuff you can do.


Q: Is this tour geared towards macho peeps?

A: Not at all! It’s basically geared towards anyone who’s been fascinated in the other athletic aspect of Japan. You don’t necessarily have to be macho, but someone who is moved by the beauty and appreciates different cultures. ☺


Q: I love sports-themed anime like “Ashita no Joe.” Will I get to visit places that inspired it?

A: Unfortunately, no, but we do spend time in Tokyo near Akihabara and Ikebukuro so there are lots of places to find Ashita no Joe goods.


Q: Why would I want to see Japanese baseball when MLB is the best!?

A: Watching any kind of sport that exists in your home country and comparing it to how it’s done in another country is definitely an experience in itself. The fanfare is completely different. Also, Japan has given birth to so many talented Japanese MLB players, so it’s awesome to see where they originated from! Why not broaden those horizons?


Q: Tell me why this tour was launched.

A: There’s been previous interest during tours to go see baseball games/sumo matches, and those never became part of an itinerary. Here’s your chance to see that, and more!


Q: Is this a physically-grueling tour?

A: No. You can pace yourself. Yes, there’s a lot of activities, but also the opportunity to soak those aching and tired bodies in the hot spring! ^^ Reward!


Q: Why go rafting in Tokushima/Shikoku area? Seems so rural and out of the way?

A: It’s not that far actually, and a scenic route at that. The waters in Shikoku are so clear and crisp. The town is rural but that’s a beauty in itself.