Sports Mania! 2018
September 9th, 2018 - September 19th, 2018
$350/month - ($4,195 total with flight, or $3,395 land only)
Experience the art and beauty of Japanese sports
Are you an avid sports-lover? Do you indulge in all anime sports-related? Do you like to take part in sports? Learn how the Japanese do sports, an art in itself! We will go on an adventure from Tokyo to Kansai area and experience universal sports such as baseball, cycling, rafting, but also learn the Japanese art of Sumo, Kendo, and the ways of a real-life Ninja!
Highlights: Kobe , Namba , Shibuya , Shinjuku , Tokushima , Umeda
  • Travel Style: Classic
    The perfect trip for both first-time and seasoned travelers
  • Pace: Active
    A bit more walking than usual + a bit of exploring
  • Season: Fall
    Great weather - and less rain
Onsen Sports


We'll meet up at Los Angeles International Airport and board our flight to Japan.

Welcome Meeting and Tour Guidebook

At the airport, you'll be given the tour guidebook, maps, and other goodies.

The Flight

The flight to Japan will take approximately 10~11 hours. Meals and on-board entertainment are complimentary!
Note: Guests flying to Japan on their own ("Land Only") guests should consult with PacSet with regards to their travel arrangements and meeting the group
in Japan.

Be sure to read our tour pre-departure emails to be prepared for the trip!

Day 2: Arrival in Tokyo!

Those who want to take in the town, optional dinner in a sports bar that bids respect to MLB! If you choose to opt out, enjoy your evening and get some rest - we've got a busy week ahead!!! 

Day 3: Akiba Day!!!

Akiba is anime and gaming mecca of the world! So much to do, so little time!

AM - Free time in Akihabara!
Choose what your heart desires:
shopping for figures, eating, visiting various themed cafes, checking out an awesome shrine.

PM - Zip through the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart! Be warned, banana peels and turtle shells are strictly prohibited!

Day 4: Sumo-licious

See the REAL E. Hondas in action at the morning sumo exercise session at Tokyo Arashio-beya.

For lunch, we'll devour a popular
menu item from a sumo wrestler's
diet - Chanko nabe!

Afterwards, we'll be making stops at sumo and baseball museums.

Day 5: Real-Life Ninja!

Today is the day we will all become samurai warriors and learn all about the Japanese martial art of Kendo.

If our schedule permits, we may visit Tokyo Arts University and observe Uni Kids practice Kendo.

We'll also visit a ninja trick house and throw around some shuriken and experience Ninja-ism!

For dinner, there'll be an optional
Izakaya outing for those who want to hang out!

Day 6: PU RO RE SU!

PU RO RE SU! Wait, what the heck is
that?! It's the Japanese take on WWF, less about the theatrics and more about the technique, and it's FULL contact!

We'll observe PURORESU and K-1 and you'll get some free time to wander Shinjuku.

Another a cool attraction that we'll stop at: VR Zone, and experience the latest in VR Technology!

Day 7: Onward to Kansai

We'll board a bullet train and jet
down to Osaka today!

After checking in to our hotel, we will have a bit of time to relax or explore the area. Don't wander off too far though, we will be going to a Hanshin Tigers game in the evening!

After the game, we'll return to Osaka and eat dinner and go on a bar-crawl!

Day 8: Tour de Kansai

Bicycle rentals are becoming more and more common as we get closer to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Today, you can opt to cycle around Kansai and take in sights that are normally unable to be done via other means,
and get a workout at the same time!

We'll start off in Osaka and ride off to Kobe, up to Mount Rokko! It'll be a strenuous ride up, but the downhill ride will be SO worth it! For those who choose to stay back, you have a free day to explore what Osaka has to offer!

Day 9: Wet 'n Wild

SHIKOKU Day! Rafting and canyoning in the Yoshino River!

We'll also feast on Tokushima cuisine - Udon Noodles!

We will stay the night in a traditional onsen inn, and soak our tired bodies and eat a multi-course feast.

Day 10: Free like a bird

Today, we head back to Osaka, and you are free to do what your heart desires!

Day 11: The end of the journey. For now...

SOB, today is the day our tour ends.

We'll take the bullet train up to Tokyo and board our flights back to REALITY...
What's Included
Osaka , Tokyo
R/T airfare from LAX to Japan
All transportation within Japan
Train, ropeway, bus, shinkansen (bullet train)
5 nights hotel Tokyo, 3 nights hotel Osaka/Kansai, 1 night hotel Tokushima
3 meals (Chanko Nabe + Tokushima Dinner and Breakfast)
Tour guide services
Professional, bilingual guide and onsite concierge services
Admission to all activities
Costs for all scheduled tour activities (temples, museums, boat rides, etc.) are covered!
Customized tour guidebook
Includes detailed itinerary, Japan travel basics, maps
Nightly turndown service
Local snacks and homemade sweets

Need a custom add-on?
We're more than happy to help you!

Let's make memories together
"I don't think my first time to Japan could be any better. Evan and Chrstine were amazing and they were both super helpful and Evan's managing of time was stellar. We never waited for a train. Also Evan's and Christine's humor was amazing. I appreciated how much work went into making this run. They have so much going on and they still managed to be personable." - Stephen, Taste of Japan 2017 "This tour was a food lover's paradise. The PacSet staff is top notch, friendly & always looking out for their guests' needs/wants. As usual, PacSet seems to attract a fantastic group of fun & interesting guests. That alone can make or break a great trip." - Rich Tracy
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