Pac·Set \’pak-set\ : An amalgamation of Pacific Sunset and the term jet set, to travel to Asia among friends.

The mission of PacSet is simple: to give you the kind of tour experience that feels more like a journey with friends – not a journey where everyone follows a dorky looking flag that the tour guide is holding up. Flags are for nations, not tours!

We won’t spend the entire trip addressing you from a microphone on a bus, and we won’t fill your schedule to the point that it can’t accommodate free time. No matter how you travel with us, we’re here to help you have a great time, the way the locals have a good time. To help you experience Japan as you want to experience it. In other words: if you’re ready to nibble on Japan’s best cheap eats, explore a majestic shrine and a bizarre electronics store on the same day, and have an unbelievable amount of fun – all with tour guides that are always there to help but don’t force you into a relentless, strict schedule – you’ve come to the right place.

Our tours offer a mix of pop culture and traditional culture, taking you to places way off the beaten path and to experiences that no one else offers. We’ll hit some of the tourist traps, but we’ll dedicate just as much time to places that fit each tour’s special theme and the requests of the group. You can choose to stick with the guide the whole time or split off to spend more time in certain areas – it’s all up to you.

Photos of our tours can be found on our Facebook page. See where we’ve been, and the fun other participants have had!

PacSet Staff

PacSet is a small family run business, currently run by the staff you see here! We do our best to help all of you, but are always looking to improve and find ways to be even better.

Evan Liu (formerly Miller)

Co-founder of Pacset Tours, Evan is a travel and manga nerd who has worked in the Japan travel and Anime industries long enough to make other people question his sanity. He holds an MA from the University of Wisconsin and has authored a variety of content for Anime News Network, including the weekly art column The Gallery between 2008 and 2010. He’s been organizing travel to Japan for a decade, and is thrilled to be designing and leading tours at PacSet!

Lanny Liu

about-lanny Lanny also helped co-found Pacset Tours, created the mascot Kippu, and mostly works behind the scenes. She loves eating and reading, and plans to roll through Japan like a Katamari.

Kippu (mascot character)

Kippu – or Kip for short – is the official PacSet Tours mascot character. As an adorable fox, his hobbies include eating tasty food, listening to music, traveling, and flying around on his trusty jetpack. We’re not sure where Kip got the jetpack (we certainly don’t have the budget for such things), but he seems pretty happy when he’s flying around with it, so who are we to judge?

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