Lion Fox Shrine at AX 2017!

Welcome to the Lion Fox Shrine! PacSet and their special guest, Kagezi, will be setting up a shrine on the AX show floor. We’re doing WAY more stuff than we’ve done in the past, so the following is a handy guide to all the new stuff, goodies you can buy, and more!

Click on the tabs below for more information, and we’ll see you at the con!

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About Kagezi
Kagezi burst onto the national scene in 2011 through her series ChibiTora, which inspired character goods, products, and other merchandise that appeared in video arcades and Anime goods stores all over Japan. Aside from ChibiTora and Zundamune, a series about a samurai bean (really!), Kagezi also has a sense for the macabre, as evidenced in her horror-themed series Gloria and her work as a designer for visual-kei rock band GRIMOIRE. She has also contributed licensed art to projects and manga for the popular series Touken Ranbu and Osomatsu-san. Currently, she’s authoring the comic adaptation of Mori no Ongakudan (Forest Music Club) with Yatate Publishing. When not drawing or designing, Kagezi can be found at her Gunma home drawing and hanging with her cats.

Twitter: @kagezi69
Mori no Ongakudan:

Welcome to the Shrine Market! Wondering what we’ll have on sale at the con? Have a look! – Kippu
Item Price
ChibiTora Volume 1: English edition $10
Buttons ~$5
Chibi Tora & Kippu T-shirt $20
Kippu T-Shirt $20
Kippu Plushies $20
Ema/Votive Tablet $3
Shrine Fortune (Omikuji) $1
Shrine Charms (Omamori) $8
Chibi Tora Lanyard $8
Prices are subject to change. New items are going to be added between now and the convention, so check back! <3
$100 Off Signups at Con!
That’s right – you get $100 off any tour signup made at the convention! There will be some other neat bonuses too, but we can’t tell you about those… yet. Not sure what tour to pick? Check here!
This discount CAN be combined with alumni discounts. And speaking of those…
Hi. <3 Evan here –

We went a little crazy with the alumni discounts this year. I mean, not “the police are going to be called” crazy but pretty crazy. ALL ALUMNI WHO VISIT US AT THE SHOW GET:

  • 25% off everything.
  • $200 off any tour signup (At-con discount + Alumni discount)
  • One Ema/Votive Tablet is FREE for alumni.
  • A little something extra that is NOT for sale – just for you guys.
  • By the way, when you’re at the booth, we’ll have an alumni wall for all of you to sign. Yes, we’re letting you vandalize the booth. Kinda. ^_~

    Every day at 10:30AM: Barely Awake w/ PacSet – Daily games, contests and silliness
    Every day at 2:00PM: Live Sketching with Kagezi
    • email: info [at]
      tel: +1.310.218.3816
      hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST
      (closed during major holidays)
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