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Travel Among Friends 
Tours with PacSet don’t really feel like a tour – and that’s by design. No flags to follow, no buses – just a group of friends you’ve never met. A trip off the beaten path, impromptu parties with locals you’ve just met...that’s what PacSet is all about.  
We announce our tour offerings over a year in advance – and offer monthly payment plans so that you can pay for your trip in reasonable installments. On tour, all you have to worry about is food, shopping, and gratuity – that’s it. Plus, with most tours, the price for the flight to Japan from the USA is included, so you can worry less about airfare and more about what to pack. 
Built budget friendly. 

Travel should be about wandering, exploring, and having fun – but having support when you need it. That’s why all of our tours offer a mix of guided stops and “flex” stops, where you can choose to stick with a guide, go it alone, or a combination of both. Not enough? You can add a customized extension to any trip – just ask.

Your vacation, your experience. 
Japan is famous for its spirit of hospitality, and that’s a philosophy we share. From social events and festivals you won’t find anywhere else to little touches like on-call concierge services and a nightly turndown service with local and homemade treats, you’re sure to feel welcome. 
Legendary hospitality. 
Join the adventure. 
We know a Japan trip is a considerable investment. So: if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be happy to assist. We can be reached at info at pacsettours dot com, or by calling 310-218-3816 between 9AM and 5PM Monday through Friday Pacific Time.