Lost Islands | July 27-August 1, 2013

800px-Minamijima,_Ogasawara,_TokyoCalled the “Galapagos of the Far East”, Japan’s Ogasawara Island chain is home to birds, plants, and sites you won’t find anywhere else on earth – which is why UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site in 2011. These tropical islands are only accessible via a ferry from Tokyo, which has been enough to keep a tour from going there…

…until now. PacSet Tours invites you to see a side of Japan that few people ever get to see – one where you’ll swim with dolphins, snorkel through schools of fish and old WWII wrecked ships, gaze at the brightest collection of stars you’ve ever seen, see neon green mushrooms in the forest (we’re not kidding), and make the kind of memories that you’ll be telling people about for decades to come.

This is a special extension (which means the flight is not included) that can be paired with our NYC Hearts Japan or Summer Matsuri Tours – or taken on its own. On top of that, we’ll also be seeing a fireworks display on the eve of our departure!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a one-of-a-kind slice of paradise; don’t miss out!

The tour includes:

  • 3 nights accommodations in Tokyo, 4 days/3 nights in Ogasawara, 1 day/2nights on Ogasawara Ferry
  • Full day boat tour with snorkeling and swimming
  • Breakfast & dinner included on Ogasawara
  • All transportation (train, ropeway, bus, shinkansen/bullet train) within Japan
  • Professional bilingual guide services
  • Custom tour guidebook
  • Admission to all activities
  • Flight not included, tour can be taken alone or as an extension to NYC Hearts Japan or Summer Matsuri Tours
  • Much, much more!

Day 1*: Checking in
The group gathers in Tokyo! We’ll have an orientation at the hotel before a night out at the fireworks!
*Passengers connecting from NYC Hearts Japan will check into the hotel one day prior around 1PM upon return from Kurashiki.

Day 2: Set Sail!
We’ll head out in the morning to the Takeshiba Pier and grab some snacks and drinks for our boat ride to Ogasawara. Upon departure, you are free to explore the boat’s offerings – table tennis, cafes, and more – and even join us for a special ship tour with the deckhands. To break up the time, we’ll also be offering a Game Session and Social Hour for our guests.

Day 3: Snorkel Sakaiura
The day begins aboard the ferry as we have breakfast and one last Game Session (if you’re up for it) before arriving to a local welcome to the Ogasawara Islands. After disembarking, we’ll be whisked to our accommodations to drop off our things and get settled before we head to Sakaiura Beach. Here, you can sunbathe, swim, snorkel through a World War II-era wreck, or a little of everything – it’s up to you! Once we’re all beached-out, we’ll head back for a delicious dinner prepared by our friendly hosts. That evening, catch up on sleep or join your guide for some of the best stargazing you’ll ever experience.

Day 4: Exploring the Island
The morning is yours to do with as you like! Swim, snorkel, hike, or just explore. Don’t get too lost in exploration mode though; we’ll be regrouping for lunch and a spin around the island in the afternoon. We’ll start in Futami, the main town on the island, where local flavors have been enticing visitors for years. Then it’s off to the tourism center in town, from which we’ll embark on a tour around the island to its beautiful observatories and lush greenery that make these islands so special. Once we get back, it’s back to the inn for Dinner and another night of free time in paradise.

Day 5: Over the Ocean
We’ve been concentrating on the main island of Chichijima until now; today we break away from that and hit the waves! We’ll sail west a bit to where you’ll be able to swim with the dolphins in the clear, beautiful waters of the Pacific. Our next stop will be Minamijima, where closely monitored hiking trails and intense conservation efforts ensure that the sea turtles and gorgeous views will still be there for us when we arrive. Do a little more swimming or exploring when we arrive on Anijima, and then its back to Chichijima and the inn for a farewell dinner with our gracious hosts.

Day 6: Sand and Waves
Before we bid the island adieu, take another morning of free time to swim and explore as you wish. Then it’s back to the port for a sendoff from hundreds of locals before we head out to sea again. Your guide will once again be on hand to help lead activities and one evening game night in the ship cafe and bar area.

Day 7: The City is Calling
A breakfast, another social gathering, and one last lunch over the scenic Pacific will precede our arrival back at Takeshiba Pier. We’ll check back into the hotel in Tokyo upon arrival, and from there you can rest or head back into the city to explore or unwind after the long ferry ride.

Day 8*: Departure
Return home and tell your friends all about your adventures in paradise! *Passengers connecting to the Summer Matsuri Tour will remain in the tour one more night before connecting to the tour.

NOTE: Timing of the tour will be confirmed closer to the dates of departure.

  • email: info [at] pacsettours.com
    tel: +1.310.218.3816
    hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST
    (closed during major holidays)
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