FanFest 2017 | July 12 – July 24, 2017

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LAND ONLY: $3,495 | W/FLIGHT FROM LAX: $4,795
*All prices in US Dollars.
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The Japan summer vacation of your dreams has arrived. Are you ready?

From the neon lights of Akihabara to the festival lanterns in Gion, the second FanFest tour has it all! You’ll see Japan’s most popular spots at their most vibrant: fireworks on a Tokyo riverbank, festival processions near the Imperial Palace, limited edition summer goods at anime shops, and the traditional capitol of Kyoto during the Gion Festival! We’ll shop our way through Osaka and Harajuku, enjoy festival food and Maid Café parfaits, and gaze at some of Japan’s most famous scenery in Kanazawa and Kobe.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a PacSet tour if we stuck to the places everyone goes! FanFest is all about the special touches you won’t find with any other tour group, and this tour has plenty. We’ll be visiting the mysterious Inujima Art Island in the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, partying with some of Japan’s most passionate baseball fans at a ten-course dinner, and spending two days at a traditional onsen (hot spring) ryokan to relax.

Two weeks in Japan, fun around every corner – the only thing we’re missing is you! Sign up below and get ready for a summer vacation you won’t soon forget!

Tour info:Tour itinerary:Payment plan schedule:

Baggage: 1 check-in (LARGE) sized bag, 1 carry-on sized bag (ALL large/”check-in size” bags will be stored in Tokyo; due to space limitations)
Single Room: $900 additional (entire tour) – NO SINGLE ROOMS AT THE ONSEN

Tour price includes:

  • R/T airfare from Los Angeles to Japan (NOT included with Land Only package)
  • Tour dates: Departs July 12, returns on July 24
  • Hotel accommodations: 6 nights Tokyo, 3 nights Osaka/Kansai, 2 nights Kaga Onsen/Kanazawa
  • Stops in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Inujima Island, Kanazawa, Yokohama and more!
  • All transportation (train, ropeway, bus, shinkansen/”bullet train”, etc.) within Japan
  • Professional bilingual guide services
  • Admission to all activities
  • Customized tour guidebook
  • Nightly turndown service with local snacks and homemade sweets
  • Much, much more!
Pick a tour package:
LAND ONLY: Flight to Japan NOT included | $3,495 total
W/FLIGHT FROM LAX: $4,795 total
All prices listed in US Dollars.

Single Room +$900 (not available at the onsen)
ONSEN TATTOO NOTE:Guests with large, visible tattoos may be denied entry to the baths at the onsen. PacSet cannot offer any compensation if you are denied entry.

NOTE: The itinerary you see here is not final and is subject to adjustments and changes.

Day 1: Departure
We depart from Los Angeles for Tokyo!

Day 2: A Tower-Top Orientation
Upon arrival in Tokyo, we’ll head to our hotel and get settled in. Take the evening to explore, or just relax and fight off that jet lag!

Day 3: Set Sail and Seek Souvenirs
We’ll begin the day aboard the Hotaluna, a space age ferry designed by famed animator Leiji Matsumoto, as we cruise down the Sumida River to get a good look at the city we’ll be calling home. After visiting the giant Gundam Robot that lives on the waterfront, we’ll head to the anime fan mecca of Akihabara, where you can shop for the latest in anime merchandise, explore state-of-the-art electronics boutiques, and (if you prefer) join us for a visit to a local maid café. Want to experience more of the Tokyo waterfront? Join us for a special multi-course Tempura dinner cruise on Tokyo Bay, complete with bottomless drinks and spectacular views of the city as evening falls.

Day 4: Mitama Matsuri!
We begin our day at the Ghibli Museum, where you can explore the history of the iconic studio’s masterworks, see exclusive anime shorts, and even meet a giant robot! Then we hit Nakano, where the attic of anime fandom, Nakano Broadway, awaits. Here you can find forgotten treasures from classic shows, old manga, cels, and a whole lot more (not to mention a series of delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants). Finally, we’ll head across town to Ichigaya and the Mitama Matsuri, where local food vendors will tempt your senses as we take in views of the Imperial Palace and dance performances on the shrine grounds.

Day 5: Kansai and Kobe
After storing our larger bags at the hotel, we bid farewell to Tokyo and head towards Kansai! We start our journey with a lunch stop in Umeda, where you’ll have the chance to sample some of the foods make this one Japan’s food capitols! After checking out the shopping and entertainment plazas of the area, we’ll visit the beautiful portside city of Kobe and their picturesque bay front. You’ll have the chance to view the city from above as we take a gondola over a waterfall to the Kobe Herb Garden. Later, we’ll descend back to central Kobe and Sannomiya, where you can explore the “otaku road” of Kansai in Sun Plaza or check out one of the city’s famed patisseries or steak houses for a mouthwatering meal.

Day 6: Getting down in Gion
Prepare to see Kyoto at its most vibrant! We begin with a visit to the shrine gate tunnels of the fox-themed Fushimi Inari shrine. After exploring and taking tons of photos, we’ll head to the Higashiyama area of the city to see the famous Kiyomizu Temple. Shop for traditional souvenirs and local cuisine as we make our way through the streets of Kyoto to Yasaka Shrine and the main procession of Japan’s largest festival, the Gion Matsuri!

Day 7: Inujima Inspiration!
Off to sea we go! Today we venture across the Seto Inland Sea to Inujima, a small island with a village that has been transformed into an art project! Wander peaceful beaches before strolling through mind-bending glass houses, just before a quick stop at the cafe to take in the view of the islands in the bay.

Day 8: Kanazawa and Kenrokuen
We depart Osaka for Kanazawa, considered the jewel of Japan’s Hokuriku Region, to experience the world-renowned Kenrokuen gardens in the city center. That’s not all though; we’ll also see the city’s Chaya District, a well-preserved collection of old tea houses and villas that will transport you into the storied history of the region. In the evening, we’ll check in at our hot spring (onsen) resort for a multi-course dinner prepared by our gracious hosts.

Day 9: A Day at the Onsen
We’ve been doing a lot of exploring, so today is a chance to relax and recharge at our resort! Enjoy a fancy breakfast and dinner prepared with local ingredients, and relax in the soothing hot spring waters locals have loved for more than a thousand years.

Day 10: Re-taking Tokyo!
Today, we check out of our resort and spend a little time in Kanazawa for lunch before we board the brand new Hokuriku Shinkansen line for the trip back to Tokyo. Once we arrive, we’ll be visiting Ikebukuro to check out the area’s shopping options, cat cafes, and themed stores (including the Shonen Jump theme park, J-World!). That night, you’ll be treated to a complimentary dinner at a restaurant with some very enthusiastic baseball fans!

Day 11: Fashionable Fireworks!
We’re off to Harajuku, Tokyo’s new center of all that is hip! Shop for kitschy souvenirs, fashions, or just wander the aisles of one of Japan’s largest “100 Yen” stores searching for fun stuff to bring home. You’ll also have the chance to see Shibuya, where music stores and street art create one of Japan’s most vibrant urban collages. After an afternoon of exploring, we’ll pick up some bento for dinner before heading out to a massive fireworks display in Kita-senju!

Day 12: Free Day in Tokyo!
Today is a free day! Your guides will be on hand the night before to help you navigate Tokyo and plan your day so you can check out something on your wish-list –- or return to a place you wanted to see more of.

Day 13: Return home
Return home to tell your friends how much fun you had!

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