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Tours with PacSet don’t really feel like a tour – and that’s by design. No rigid schedules, no following a flag. Just you, a group of friends you’ve never met, and the most creative itineraries ever created. Plus with our payment plans, a “good time to travel” is whenever you want it to be. See all tours

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Travel is a very personal experience, which is why all of our tours include guided stops, “flex” stops, and a free day to explore on your own.

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From anime fan gatherings and game nights to distant islands and rural hot springs, there are no tours quite like ours anywhere else. See for yourself!

From social events with locals to concierge services and a nightly turndown sweet, you’re sure to feel welcome.

We offer monthly payment plans so that you can pay for your trip in reasonable installments. Check out our breakdown on how this works!

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With a repeat customer rate that leads the industry and a focus on fun, you’ll be surprised how little your tour feels like, well, a tour. Learn more about us.

Explore Japan among friends.

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Hidden Finds #1

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant for the faint-hearted!!! Read on at your own risk. Photos may be graphic to some! 😛 This corner is where I'll be introducing interesting things I encounter while in Japan, sometimes unexpectedly. For my first edition, I'm going to...

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J-Slang! #1

Welcome to the first post of "J-Slang," where I write slang that should sometimes never be repeated! 😛 Why?! Because Japanese should be a beautiful, eloquent language, not dirty, and rough! Japanese language is so difficult. Being Japanese but born in the US, my...

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日本語 Nihongo Time! #2

HMMM.. Lesson 2 of Japanese with me?! Lesson 1 of Japanese with Christine was OMOTENASHI. How many of you retained that bit? Today, I think I'll go with the Japanese-y way of saying "Long time no see" or "It's been awhile." There's several ways to say this and I'll...

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