New Year, New PacSet!

Welcome to a new way to see Japan.

This isn’t a tour. This isn’t a guided, tightly-controlled, tough-as-nails experience. This is a whole new way to see Japan, built to be budget friendly from the ground up. Welcome to the biggest set of changes PacSet has ever made. It’s all for one purpose: to make your trip easier and more customizable than ever before, all while giving you access to knowledgable professionals who live, eat, and breathe trip planning – so you can rest and relax instead of stew and stress.

SpotHolder: Plan waaaaaaaaay ahead.

PacSet pioneered the industry’s first payment plan system for Japan travel. which has helped make a Japan vacation a reality for hundreds of our awesome alums. In 2018, we’re taking things even further!

SpotHolder is a coupon that lets you save your place on any PacSet trip that is more than a year away and doesn’t have a final price yet. You can even use it for trips a full two years in advance. Not only that, but the coupon gets you $50 off your trip deposit too. Learn more on the SpotHolder page.

Get the flight out.

We’ve done away with expensive, inflexible group bookings for most mainline trips. Instead, we’re meeting people at the airport. So no matter where you’re flying from – Minneapolis, Monaco, or Melbourne – you’re supported. Plus now, you’ll be able to get the ticket and seat you want instead of having to worry about which hoops we have to jump through. Want to use your miles? Go for it. Want to fly non-stop? Go for it.

Two years ahead.

The full roster of trips through 2019 is up right now, and from now on, all new trips will be announced two years in advance. How’s that for lead time?

Learn more.

Read our press release below for more info, or go check out what’s new here. We look forward to welcoming you to Japan!

Want to know why we made these changes? Read our overly-detailed FAQ here.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Along with a full line-up of new, fun-filled trips for 2019, PacSet is introducing new options and payment plans for hopeful travelers to Japan, making it easier than ever to plan ahead and make the trip of lifetime a reality!

Introducing SpotHolder – Customers can now book trips over a year in advance with a built-in discount! Before a trip’s price is confirmed, you can “hold your spot” for $250 on the trip until it is officially launched, then convert your SpotHolder fee into your deposit to confirm your place.

Fly to Japan from your city! – Starting in 2019, our trips will no longer include flights from Los Angeles, so that everyone has the flexibility and freedom to book their flights straight from their hometowns to Japan.

Last but certainly not least, PacSet is proud to announce the trips of 2019 – combining popular classics with fresh new destinations and activities! Whether you want to indulge in street food under festival lights, or shop for coveted anime goods, there is a trip in the line-up for any fun-loving traveler!

The tours in the 2019 Lineup are as follows:
· Fire and Ice 2019: Japan’s five best winter festivals on one amazing trip
· Animated Spring 2019: North America’s most popular vacation for Anime fans
· Pawprint Pathways 2019: An animal-themed trip across Japan
· Taste of Japan Shikoku Kyushu: Experience the cuisine, hot springs, and castles of southern Japan
· Best of Japan 2019: See Japan’s most popular cities, hot springs, and traditional sites
· Lantern Lights 2019: Join three summer festivals as we float lanterns, party in the streets, and stay at a seaside hot spring
· Gamer Heaven 2019: Attend the Tokyo Game Show and experience the best gamer-centric sites Japan has to offer
· Kyushu Hideaways 2019: Sail, soar, soak and spelunk across Kyushu’s most gorgeous natural and historical sites
· Autumn in the City 2019: Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka on one affordable trip
· Japan Holiday 2019: The best of Japan’s holiday season, from bayside light displays to raucous traditional celebrations

Upon sign-up, customers can choose to pay with a monthly payment plan or to pay a deposit. For those who are interested in extending their trip or are interested in extra arrangements on their journey, PacSet can work with customers to find the right accommodations, destinations, and adjustments. Contact us for more information!
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