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schsum-reviewThere’s a welcoming atmosphere, and you’re bound to make a friend or two on this magical journey.

Taylor, School of Summer 2013

Animated Spring 2014

I recommend PacSet tours, without hesitation! If you’ve ever wanted to visit Japan this is the way to go. It’s the best part of a guided tour as well the freedom to explore each location on your own. And what can beat seeing Japan with a group of fellow Anime fans? I had one of the best trips of my life and look forward to traveling with PacSet again! -Kris
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Fire and Ice 2014

Evan Liu is a knowledgeable gentleman. His enthusiasm of Japan is transferred to tour participants. Evan’s interaction with the locals (as well as the local’s reactions) was a delight to observe. The tour was well thought through; highlights of areas were pointed out and historical info given. Tour is recommended for those who wish to travel amongst other people, not sit in a bus from point A to point B.
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Japan Holiday 2013

Japan Holiday was a delightful tour. I feel it had the perfect blend of geekdom and culture. Shrines, festivals, fashion, anime, this tour had it all. It’s very well rounded and I’d visit Pacset for another tour, definitely. Evan is the absolute best! He’s knowledgeable about the areas we visit and was able to answer all questions. Best of all, he’s flexible and able to adapt. A number of timing issues beyond his control came up and he worked through them every time. He’s easy to feel comfortable with and very friendly. I had great confidence in him as a guide. –Sarah
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Summer Matsuri 2013

The Summer Matsuri tour was awesome. Being able to see the Metropolis that is Tokyo then in just a few days you turn down the volume and you tour Ito, a relaxing small town. You are able to experience a lot in such a short time. Evan was amazing. His knowledge of Japan is expansive. If there is a particular place you wanted to visit, he can get you there. He also keeps the tour lively with funny voices and funny jokes. If you are looking for a fast paced visit to Tokyo then a slow paced jaunt into a quaint village, then this is the tour for you. –Ricky
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NYC Hearts Japan 2013

An awesome tour overall. You guys may be small but you’re doing a fantastic job. Evan is a great guy and an excellent tour guide. The tour felt unique and customized and hit most of my major “to-do’s”. The cost of the tour more than justified the whole experience. The food, the destinations, the tour mates, the learning and cultural sharing, everything was phenomenal. You guys are doing everything right so please keep up the hard work!! Thanks for an incredible experience PacSet!!
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School of Summer 2013

School of SummerUnlike tours that just have a guide that takes you to major spots in a country, PACSET knows what they are doing and can give you an inside look of Japan! From the secret food hot spots to the hidden shops and activities, PACSET knows how to put together a tour that isn’t just a block schedule of events. The tour guide, Evan, is funny, creative, and helpful and really knows his stuff. If you want a tour that is more than just a history book, one that is full of engaging and fun events, then PACSET is the place to go! -Tyler

School of SummerThere’s a welcoming atmosphere, and you’re bound to make a friend or two on this magical journey. -Taylor

BL Teahouse 2013

Considering I’ve been wanting to go to Japan for over 12 years now, I’m extremely happy that my first time over there was with Pacset. The itinerary was very well structured and hit all the areas/destinations I’ve ever wanted to go to. Evan and Lanny are definitely the best guides you’ll ever have. Easy to talk to, extremely helpful, fun and easy going. They love Japan and the culture and it just makes the tour even better when you have guides who are excited to talk about the country. I will definitely 100% rely on Pacset for all my future tours to Japan :) Thank you Evan & Lanny! -S. Grant
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Animated Spring 2013

This is the best anime tour out there! We got to visit so many local shopping places that tour groups would not have considered…I couldn’t find another tour that allowed for so much freedom and caters so well to anime fans. The cherry blossoms were so gorgeous! They were everywhere we went. I have friends who came to Japan on their own and I bet we spent half the money they did on trip expenses, saw at least twice as much, and brought back tons more loot than they did. Thanks, Pacset! -Cindy
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Japan Holiday 2012

“It felt less like going on a guided tour and more like traveling with a bunch of mates and an especially knowledgeable friend.”


“I’m really glad I had the opportunity to tour through PacSet. Evan was a phenomenal tour guide and makes sure everyone has a great time (even though it’s hard not to!). The tour was planned out perfectly and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I highly recommend touring through PacSet for anyone that wants to experience Japan to its fullest potential.”

“I thought Evan was a great guide and even though it was only 4 of us he made the trip a lot of fun. The tour was amazing and I am so glad I got to see so many cities especially the Kansai area. I will definitely tell all my friends about PacSet and I hope to go on another tour in the future with them!! :)”

Anime De-Tour 2012

Wow! What a trip! This was an adventure of a lifetime. Japan has a culture that is a great combination of the old and the new, and I believe that this tour was a great representation of both. the places we visited were beautiful, and the people we met were wonderful. The best part to me, was even though we had a large group, the guides made it feel like a personal tour. I would highly recommend PacSet Tours to anyone! -Kyle
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Summer Matsuri 2012

PacSet was awesome at planning our tour and setting up times and reservations to experience a great blend of pop culture and history. Evan is knowledgable about a wide variety of Japan and is able to provide insight to answer questions, make suggestions that fit areas of interest and organize events. Both guides have great personality for leading a group.
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Starving Artist 2012

Evan’s tour is like hanging out in Japan with a very knowledgeable friend. We ate at small local joints, visited hidden temples, and did many fun thins in japan that I could never have thought a tour company could provide!
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Animated Spring 2012

Evan is a wonderful guide. If you are traveling to Japan, you must travel PacSet. The locations you’ll see are spectacular, and you’ll never forget the trip. Your guide Evan is both knowledgeable and funny.
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